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Summers Hottest Hair Trend Hair Contouring


Contouring your face is old news but what about contouring for your hair? hair contouring  is a Bespoke technique Butterworth & Co have mastered

and it’s set to be summer’s hottest hair trend.

Hair contouring, we can finally say goodbye to balayage.

So, What is Hair Contouring?

Well, just like when you contour using makeup, it’s a technique using darker colours to create shadows and lighter colours to draw attention to certain areas. But no, we aren’t trying to make certain sections of our hair appear bigger or smaller (that’d be crazy), we’re using it to elongate round and square face shapes, shorten diamond and rectangular face shapes and soften triangular face shapes. The technique is available at Butterworth and Co.

Is It for You?

The beauty of hair contouring is that it suits absolutely everyone. But how can that be? Well it’s a totally bespoke service, with colours and placement customised to your face shape and skin tone. So you know what that means—no trying this at home! You need a hairdresser who is a free hand pro to hand-pick the perfect colours for you and make sure they are placed in the exact right positions.

But You Don’t Do High Maintenance Hair?

You’re a low-maintenance girl so we will make sure lowlights and highlights are placed in a way that ensures regrowth is minimal. Then all you need to do is use is a Seven Seconds Hair Mask by Unite to keep it fresh and hydrated.

How Should You Style It?

With summer just around the corner, we’re all about the blonde contouring. This is a salon only colour Technique.

Butterworth and Co  are only to happy to recommend the correct products from Our Unite range so that you can easily recreate these styled looks at home yourself.