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Butterworth & Co provides GK Keratin treatments for all hair lengths. We have helped many ladies recover their natural sleek, healthy hair or attain the locks they have always wanted.

The treatment is applied in three steps. First, a clarifying shampoo is used to open the hair cuticles in preparation for the treatment. The treatment is applied in the second step, coating the hair follicles in keratin and a rich nutrient base. In the third step hot irons are used to seal the keratin into the hair, removing frizz or kinking.

Keratin treatment will soften, tame and smooth hair. All hair types benefit from keratin treatments – even healthy hair is improved and made more manageable. Clients find their hair preparation time going from near an hour to ten minutes – achieving effortless healthy shine and naturally straight looking hair is the core of the process.

Keratin treated hair improves in quality with each treatment, and the results last up to 4 months. Ladies who have had their hair treated with GK Keratin at our salon no longer need notice humid or rainy days and gain versatility in their hair – from blowwave styles to everyday wear, Keratin improves every aspect of the hair.

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