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Keratin FAQ

What happens during a Keratin Treatment? ALL NEW FORMULATIONS

During a treatment the hair is first washed, with a clarifying shampoo, to open up the cuticles. Then the treatment is applied, which contains the Keratin. Processing times between 15-60 minutes. Then heat is applied through drying and straightening irons. The heat seals the Keratin into the hair and removes frizz and damage. "Voila”, you're finished.

What does hair look like after it has been treated?
GKT makes the hair look shiny, healthier and more lustrous, and will also feel softer. Keratin provides a combination of nutrients for the hair, helping it stay healthy and look smooth.

How long does GKT last?
The GK Treatment lasts between three to five months. GKT is not permanent and it eventually washes out; the more regularly you wash it, the faster it will wash out. The average length of the keratin treatment is around 3 months. Hair that is washed once a week should last 4-5 months, hair that is washed more often will fade faster.

I have very curly hair, will the GKT give me straight hair?
Yes. The degree of straightness achieved depends on your exact hair-type and the technique. If your hair is tightly curled then you may end up with soft curls.The hair is easily straightened with minimal effort, you will have style options you’ve never dreamed of.

Does it guarantee a straight result?
No, you may still have a natural wave. However, the hair is much more manageable and easier to style. Time required to style post-treatment hair is reduced dramatically. The presence of this natural wave and body is one of the features of the keratin treatment – it creates natural looking straight hair with body and movement instead of the dead straight and flat hair characteristic of Japanese straightening.

Is the Treatment a relaxer?
No. The GK treatment is a keratin based treatment that smooths and revitalizes hair.

Can this Treatment be done on any type of hair?
Yes. This treatment can be performed on virgin hair, or on hair that has been coloured, highlighted, relaxed, bleached or permed.

Does this treatment work on virgin hair?
Yes. processing time would be up to 60 minutes.

When is the best time to colour my hair?
It is best to colour hair before the treatment or to wait two weeks after the treatment.

Can the treatment be done on children?
This depends on the individual family it is not in any way a hash or permanent process age 10 up would be appropriate.

What if I don’t like having straight hair or this treatment?
GKT can be washed out and eventually returns to normal; it is not permanent like most available straighteners.

Can I wash my hair after the treatment?
You may wash your hair the same day if you wish but there is no need your hair is ready to go, simply gorgeous.

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