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After Care

Not All Keratin Are Created Equal!

Global Keratin Hair Taming System Shampoos and Conditioners contain Juvexin™, a unique organic and active keratin that unlike over processed hydrolyzed keratin has a structure very close to the natural hair keratin that binds to and coats the hair. It protects it from damage, maintaining and enhancing the shine and softness of the hair after every wash. It is also free of Sodium Chloride, a salt that makes shampoos harsh for the eyes, and strips the color dye of your hair. Due to this it is specially recommended to be used after the Hair Hair Taming System with Juvexin™.

Moisturizing Shampoo $45
Juvexin™ based moisturizing shampoo maintains hair’s natural properties by creating a shield over each strand, restoring it from the inside out maintaining and enhancing the shine and softness after every wash.

Moisturizing Conditioner $45
Juvexin™ based moisturizing conditioner transforms hair to its youthful state by repairing damage and providing long term conditioning and protection from harmful environmental effects.

Serum $48.50
Anti-frizz serum enriched with Argan oil, results in silky, shiny and beautiful hair. It should be applied on wet or damp hair.

Leave–in Conditioner $42.50
Smooths hair, eliminates frizz, replenishes moisture and de-tangles hair. It should be applied on damp hair.

Leave-in Spray $40
The Leave-in spray helps smooth the hair, replenishes moisture and de-tangles it.

Deep Conditioner $55
Leaves hair looking healthy, shiny and easy to manage. Contains Active Keratin which helps protect hair from damaging environmental effects. It should be applied on damp hair.

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