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Modern Blonde

Blonde can range from light platinum to a dark golden colour. Blonde colour work is no longer just highlights. Instead think of multi-dimensional shades with variations of blonde, caramels, and copper spun within your natural color. Modern colouring also shows a trend towards using more gentle color products. Leanne will often do drastic changes over several days or weeks; giving hair a break between chemical processes to improve its condition and elasticity.

Hair color trends come and go but healthy hair is important in all seasons. We specialize in healthy hair, and we take care to condition and improve the health of your hair during and after services. Most coloured blonde hair needs special attention at the salon and at home. Always listen to stylist recommendations when seeking your most glamorous blonde!

Did you know that blondes are geographically inclined? If a Melbourne client asks for blonde it often means more buttery shades as Melbourne taste runs warmer. Queensland and Sydney blondes are usually cooler.

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