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Blonde Tips

Tip 1: In the summer months don’t leave home without it; UV protection that is! Blonde hair contains less melanin than darker hair shades. The rays of the sun will therefore penetrate your hair more readily than for other colours. We highly recommend Brazilian Blowout’s serum or Unite’s 7 Seconds leave-in conditioner.

Tip 2: Does your platinum blonde hair show a yellow tinge? Tinges need to be corrected in the salon not with silver toning Shampoos.

Tip 3: You can maintain and enrich your colour by using the right product – taking care to choose those which will not weigh down your hair yet still bring luscious shine to it. Light-textured products with plenty of nutrients and transparent ingredients keep the light in your hair. Special conditioning care products for blonde hair also contain active ingredients, which absorb the calcium and magnesium in tap water. This will leave your hair naturally shiny. You may want to go one step further: Adding gold and silver pigments to your hair intensifies the colour and produces appealing reflections.

Tip 4: Quality bleach is not the enemy here but poorly bleached hair is. Poor bleaching can result in damaged cuticle layer and those with bleached hair should use some kind of hair treatment weekly. Different from conditioners, these hair treatments provide active ingredients which deeply penetrate the hair and maintain shine and lustre.

Tip 5: Is it possible to be blonde and low maintenance? There are tricks for achieving that long-wearing blonde. When regrowth is less obvious, your hair color will last longer between touch-ups. Just ask Leanne how!

Tip 6: Keratin color delivers the soft, violet tones necessary to keep your blonde calm, cool and sophisticated. Think Agyness Deyn, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow.

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