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Blonde Hair Care

Finally blonde! If you have just changed to a blonde hair colour you probably want this exhilarating feeling to stay with you forever. Providing you master some hair care rituals and treat yourself to the proper products, nothing should keep you from enjoying your life as a blonde for a long time.

Blonde hair, whether it is a gift of nature or the result of colour treatments, needs more care than darker shades of hair. Naturally blonde women frequently also have much finer hair than brunettes. Chemical treatments can leave blonde hair limp and dull, so must be undertaken with care.

Using our Platinum Series blonde hair care treatment with its exclusive keratin formula we create cool blondes with a pearl-like sheen. Optimal color treatments like Platinum are the latest trend in achieving sophisticated blondes without harsh or brassy tones. Leanne specializes in achieving sophisticated colour while improving hair health, so if you have specific blondecare questions she is the person to ask.

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