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Olaplex has finally landed in Australia and at Butterworth & Co and conclusion we love it and now can't live without it.

It's a new technology but not the wholly grail, going blonde still needs expert care from a trusted professional.
Olaplex will make your hair stronger and healthier and extend the life of your colour by reforming compromised bonds and returning them to their natural state. Achieve clean even shades of blondes, rich glossy brunettes and more intense fashion shades while maintaining the integrity of the hair. For those with naturally weak or fine hair, Olaplex will reinforce the bonds of your hair creating a plumped and more substantial feel.

Olaplex is a single active ingredient invented by Dr. Eric Pressly PHD in materials, and Dr. Craig Hawker, PHD in Chemistry. This is their first invention in the beauty industry.

Olaplex reconnects compromised disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. Bonds break when the hair is exposed to chemicals in colour, heat and mechanical force such as combing wet hair.


Olapex Colour Service Up-Grade

Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment

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