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If your hair is long, try parting it to one side with the fringe kissing the outer corner of your brow. Some soft layering around the face will help accentuate the cheekbones and jaw. This combination will narrow down the top half of your face and draw the eye to the jawline, taking attention away from the outer shape. For shorter hair keep it on the shoulder as opposed to in at chin level. Keeping the baseline on the heavier side but a little texture will prevent the shape ballooning out and accentuating roundness. For even shorter hair, keep the edges closer to you face on the longer side and keep them textured. The secret to hiding a rounder face is to add what isn’t there – angles and strong lines.


The ideal face shape. But if you feel like you might be a little long, then part in the centre and keep the layering around cheek length, but swept away from the face. This will help to accentuate your cheekbones, while narrowing at the chin and forehead. This is also a great face shape to consider adding blunt fringes too.


Leave short hair to sit just on the shoulder. The extra width it gives around the neck and chin will fill the extra space. Sometimes some playfull bounce and texture will assist with this too. Like those with a rounder face, a side part with a heavier side fringe narrows the forehead, and focusses attention to the eyes and cheekbones. This face shape tends to suit pixie haircuts best too.


Counteract the harder corners by adding a gentle roundness to your shape. If it short, go chin length and textured to take away the weight. If it’s long, add some volume to the crown, and an S-shape bend through the ends. A centre part with shorter layers will help to cut out the harder corners of the forehead, bringing attention the centre of the face, and softening the over all shape. If you’re super short, keep the fringe longer than the rest. When it sits softly at the brow bone, it will round out the rest of the silhouette.

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