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Knowing and understanding which brush you should use for your hair makes all the difference when you want to achieve a desired outcome. Leanne Butterworth, Technical director for Butterworth & Co tells you  how and what the differences are using boar bristle brushes a posed to a ceramic thermal styling brushes.

Ego ceramic round brushes or thermal styling brushes are excellent for fine to medium hair types and are designed to add smoothness and volume to your blow-dries. The core of these brushes hold heat longer making them great for extending the shape of your hair and to add shine & eliminate frizz. Boar bristle round brushes are ideal for medium to coarse hair types they provide more stretch and tension. Boar is gentler on the scalp and redistributes natural oils from your scalp, which adds more shine. You can achieve amazing volume, create sexy waves or straighten the most stubborn hair with greater ease.

We are happy to advise and recommend the perfect tools for your home styling routine.